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What is Creating Connections?

It is not secret that we as women have a tendency to give all of our energy to those around us and focus solely on our families, careers or other commitments. Due to this, there is often a moment in a woman's life where she realizes that she has not maintained her social support system as much as she would like.


Because of this, Creating Connections is a monthly event that is held for the sole purpose of giving women the opportunity to spend an evening out and connect with other women. This is meant to be a socializing event, not a card-pushing business event, as not all women who attend are business owners. We want ALL women to feel welcomed! In this relaxed environment, we hope women look forward to this get-together and build relationships beyond this event that takes place every third Thursday of the month. 

Who hosts Creating Connections?

A women's networking group called Graceful Transitions puts on thee monthly Creating Connections events. In the past, we have had a member of the networking group host the event each month, get featured in our newsletter and share a little about themselves at the event. We will continue featuring members moving forward, but it will be on an every other month basis, giving us an opportunity to feature the Graceful Transitions networking group and our mission in the months in between. We simply want attendees to know that we are here to help them, as well as their friends and family, with different life transitions. 

So then, what is the Graceful Transitions Networking group about?

Graceful Transitions is a networking group made up of female service professionals who are dedicated to serving women during different life transitions. A "Transition" can be many things: death, divorce, retirement, empty nest, moving, career change and more. We believe that women have a unique set of needs, and as a group we are committed to serving their needs in a kind, loving and no pressure way. The group was created to be more than just a place to come to 'get referrals'. Since we were created in 2015, we have carefully cultivated a group of ladies that we trust to work with as our business partners & sources of information. We also can rest comfortably knowing that our members will take care of each other's clients, friends, and families if/when the need for their services arises.  

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