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A Q&A with Jacqui Pilkington, Founder of Reform Pilates - Our October Creating Connections Hostess

Jacqui Pilkington, Founder of Reform Pilates

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I'm Jacqui Pilkington, founder of Reform Pilates & Barre. I am a STOTT Certified Pilates & Total Barre Instructor. My goal is to inspire and challenge you through movement with full body, dynamic classes. I offer reformer, barre and mat classes, as well as private sessions, that are designed to sculpt and strengthen your body while also centering your mind.

I opened Reform Pilates & Barre in 2019 to bring my contemporary and contagious flare to the community. I offer a variety of classes and each provides you with a challenging and accessible workout. My goal is to provide an engaging and supportive environment for all my clients. I want you to leave the studio feeling stronger and with a smile on your face!

How did you get into this business?

My love for Pilates started over 13 years ago, attending my first pilates class with my mom. All it took was one class and I was instantly hooked! After every class, I left feeling challenged, energized and excited for the next one. I became a passionate advocate for the deep-strengthening, functional workouts that can make you feel the burn the next day. After graduating from Regis University with a degree in PR and Marketing, I began a career as a Marketing Director. After 7 years, I realized it was time to share my passion for Pilates with others and make it my full time career! I began studying contemporary Pilates & Total Barre methods, and became certified through STOTT PILATES.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

I really enjoy traveling around the world! Growing up, travel was a way of life for my family. My sister and I are incredibly fortunate to have parents that insisted that travel was the best classroom and, thankfully, our school holidays were spent exploring fascinating places, both near and far. I love to explore new places and meet new people! I love being exposed to different cultures and exploring new surroundings!

Visit to sign up for a pilates class with Jacqui!

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