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A Q&A with Jen Stier, Owner of On Your Face Glasses - Our July Creating Connections Host!

Jen Stier, On Your Face Glasses

Tell us a little bit about your business.

Online prescription eyeglasses boutique On Your Face Glasses focuses on fit—on beautiful, affordable-luxury glasses that fit your facial features, your vision needs and your special spirit. Because your spirit fuels the fabulous gifts you bring to this world. And the fine frames on your face signal, first to you, then to your collaborators, that you’re a pure, harmonious force for good.

What makes you passionate about what you do? 

This business attracts the most delightful clients! I get to connect with people with compelling passions to understand how they want to brighten their world and refresh their look. A collaborative process identifies the best frame to achieve their goals. When I deliver and fit the finished glasses on them, often they say they had fun! Which is lovely, because so did I. I’m passionate about building and deepening those relationships.

Do you have an ideal client?  

My ideal client is a professional woman or man who wants to look put-together, unique and independent-thinking, quick-witted and/or creative, compassionate and real. They’re visionary, inspired, a leader. Even if they haven’t fully embraced those gifts yet. They might have at least one facial feature that's historically difficult to fit. They might have been led to the kids' section of the local optical store and worn a Barbie or basketball frame, despite their mature age.

What is you enjoy to do for fun?  

Bicycling (on the road, around town or for longer rides), hiking, museuming, traveling, reading, fondling fiber (knitting), cooking healthy, and hanging with my teenage daughters.

Why do you enjoy being involved with Creating Connections? 


I’ve been to many, many events and gatherings in Denver, and no group is more welcoming, light-hearted, respectful and smart than Creating Connections. I’ve met friends, clients, and partners in crime and laughed so hard my abs hurt the next day. Is there anything better?

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