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A Q&A with Kelli Connor - Our June Creating Connections Host!

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I am a specialist in US income taxation so I consult with clients on tax matters and prepare a variety of income tax returns.

What makes you passionate about what you do? 

When I worked for a big CPA firm I felt that the clients were not being taken care of.  I am passionate about developing relationships with my clients and being available when they need my help, even for small questions during the year.

Do you have an ideal client?  

My ideal client is one that wants to develop an ongoing relationship with me.  The tax situation does not need to be complicated but they need to value what I do for them.  I am not usually interested in a client that comes just for the one year that they have a complicated issue.  I prefer small business owners as they continually have issues that I enjoy assisting them in solving.  Entrepreneurs are exciting to talk with and partner with.

What is your favorite thing about Colorado?  

The weather, generally mild and no humidity.  And the mountains are close enough if it gets too hot in the city.

Why do you enjoy being involved with Creating Connections? 


The Ladies!  They are such an inspiring, successful (in all areas) group of women.  They all have a mutual respect for each other (which does not always happen with a group of women) and they are all genuinely kind.   And passionate about what they do.  And my group of women friends has dwindled as I have gotten older and moved often so it is nice to get to the point where I can call some of these women my friends.  I would like to get to know them all more (which is why if I can get some time I will do more one-on-ones).

What would be your perfect day?  

Sitting by the pool at a tropical location, reading a good book and drinking a cool tropical cocktail (this is what I do every year post busy season).  And then finishing the day eating a fabulously cooked meal (that I did not prepare) with my husband and drinking a really nice glass of red wine.

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