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A Q&A with Willy Wilson, Owner Life Unstill Photography - Our June Creating Connections Host!

Willy Wilson, Life Unstill Photography

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I am a photographer focused on business branding and portraits.  

What makes you passionate about what you do? 

I love seeing other women succeed in their business endeavors. My goal is to help my clients create a visual message that will attract their ideal client. I also love talking to and helping other entrepreneurs in general, and whether we work together or not, we can all learn and grow from our collective experience.

Do you have an ideal client?  

My clients are typically women business owners who are in a growth mode in their business – either updating a website or launching a new initiative.

What is you enjoy to do for fun?  

I enjoy photography as my hobby as well as my profession! My current passion is underwater photography. I also love to hike and drink wine (not at the same time, although I’m not opposed to that)

What is your favorite thing about Colorado? 


I love the sunshine SO MUCH and find it difficult to imagine a more inviting place to live.

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