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COVID-19 Life and Business Tips and Resources

Updated: May 1, 2020

It is safe to say that COVID-19 has disrupted everyone's lives. However, there are many positive things that have come out of this time. One of them is the willingness to help others in our communities. Several women from Creating Connections have written blogs or recorded videos with tips pertaining to their professions to help others who might need the help during these times.


Lotus Financial Partners' Blog is full of really good resources. Check out the following relating to COVID-19.

7 Financial Planning Moves You Can Make If You’re Stuck at Home

The COVID Shut-down: Financial Relief By Way of Congress?

Taking Care of Elderly

Jill Eelkema from Western Care Partners has some good tips on how to help you elderly parents who might be struggling right now.

5 Lifehacks to Help Boomer Parents

Zoom Meetings

Lucila Williams from LOTUS Financial Partners shares some tips to optimize your Zoom meetings and presentations.

Zoom Meeting Tips


Deb and Debi from Premiere Travel Planners have tips for you on what to do during a travel emergency and what to do with upcoming or future travel plans.

Premiere Travel Planners - We're Still Here for You

What We do During a Travel Emergency


Have you been wondering what to do with your marketing strategy during this time? Roberta Vallina from Grey Feather Creative has a guide for you on where you should be focusing your attention.

Marketing During COVIID-19

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