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Meet Jo Kitto with Kitto Law! Our May 2018 Creating Connections Host!

Our Creating Connections host for May 2018 is Jo Kitto with Kitto Law. Kitto Law PC provides legal services in litigation and dispute resolution, including family law, divorce, commercial litigation, employment and probate. The firm's non-litigation practice areas include asset protection, real estate, estate planning and probate/trust administration.

How did you get into this business? 

I started out in tax accounting, and realized that, while I liked numbers and financial statements, I liked words and debate and writing better, so I applied to law schools.   I have been practicing law 19 years, 12 years of which have been self-employment.    I left a 600-attorney law firm because the hours and travel were not conducive with being a good mom, and at the time, I very much wanted to grow my family. 

What makes you passionate about what you do? 

I love solving problems.  I love that people come to me at one of their hardest times of life (divorce, separation, after a death during family disputes about money and control, a terrible time in their small business with disputes between partners) and I can help them see a path to solving the problem, organize it toward dispute resolution and provide emotional support along the way.  That is when the legal issue involves a dispute.   When I can get a client in advance, discuss asset protection or how to avoid disputes, craft a meaningful estate plan or asset protection plan, that is also extremely rewarding.  And much more peaceful! 

Can you describe a success story that involves your business?

We lawyers have confidentiality to consider, so I won’t tell specific stories, but generally, I am proud of getting quite a few clients through divorce, especially when the divorces are uglier and involve the tougher issues like domestic violence, protection orders, substance abuse, emotional bullying.   I don’t want to see my clients get bullied and I am happy when I can work collaboratively with opposing counsel to get the majority of cases settled without trial and I find it to be a success story also if we have no choice but to go to trial and I can advocate effectively for my clients and their children. 

Do you have an ideal client? 

I love when clients have enough life experience to recognize the value in the services we provide, and appreciate the services, and are enjoyable people.   You interact with your attorney a lot during a divorce or other type of litigation matter; you become friends, ideally, and develop more and more trust.   I like clients who are intelligent, and we brainstorm together about how to solve the problem. 

What do you enjoy doing for fun? 

I spend a lot of time watching three kids play competitive soccer and I do love watching them.  I love skiing when I can get there, as well as snow-shoeing.  In spring and summer, my garden is my passion – it is my creativity, my gym and my meditation.   I also love meeting new people, so I find business development fun.  Also, I love good conversation over good food and wine. 

What is your favorite thing about Colorado?  

Sunshine and mountains. That Colorado doesn’t have the black flies that come with the lakes I love in Michigan.  The good economy!   

Why do you enjoy being involved with Creating Connections? 

You know, I have been involved in quite a few networking groups and on several boards since I moved to Colorado in 2001, and I have become more particular about where I spend my time socially and in business development, just because my office is already busy, and I want the right kind of clients, and I want to be sure the organization is a fit before I spend time away from my office or my kids.  What is so great about Creating Connections is that the women involved are authentic!  There are great, intelligent, entrepreneurial women who know their stuff, are not there to “hard sell” anyone, and I feel comfortable referring my clients and acquaintance to them and know the women in Creating Connections will strive to take good care of referrals.  And it is just fun!  Great energy and great conversations, every time. 


What’s a secret talent you have that few people know about? 

That I can paint really well and can be a do-it-yourselfer on these issues and enjoy cranking music and just tackling certain types of projects.   Have painted 10 homes’ interiors, two exteriors, stained several decks and acid-washed and stained concrete floors as well.  

What would be your perfect day? 

This past Mother’s Day was pretty perfect.  It started with a great breakfast with a friend, then a Home Depot run to buy tomato, pepper, zucchini, onion, cantaloupe and strawberry plants and soil.  Got to watch a hard-fought soccer game mid-day in which my twin boys played hard, then put in the garden with my three kids in afternoon, and let them make me pizza and fruit for dinner and watched a great movie.  The day was awesome!

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