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Meet this month's host: Susan Pesch of Pesch Law Office, LC

Tell us a brief description about your business:

Pesch Law Office PC was established in April 1993 and concentrates in family law litigation (ie: divorce, parental rights).

Do you have an ideal client? As a litigator, I represent both men and women for family law issues. The family law issues brought to the Court means the family is changing, not ending. “Guiding Families Through Transition” is our tag line. My ideal client would be someone who transforms during the process and experiences personal growth. We focus on educating our clients so they can make an informed decision during the process. And we focus on forward thinking or empowerment to imagine the life you want after all issues are resolved, not the life you think the opposing party will “let you have.” I have witnessed some amazing positive changes in my clients.

Why do you enjoy being involved with Creating Connections? CC is a dynamic group with women committed to their businesses, yet willing to lend a helping hand to others. I have found CC to be a community of like-minded business owners and fun to be around.

What's a secret talent you have that few people know about? I can French braid your hair and can (most likely) beat you at Monopoly.

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