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Meet this month's host: Tanya Caughey, Home Styler & Stager

A brief description of your business.

I help people feel great at home by intentionally designing their spaces to suit their needs and joys. One room or the whole house! I can work with you in three ways: 1) Stage your home to sell so it stands out from the rest. 2) Style your home to stay put so you love where you live. 3) Set up your short-term rental to increase its chances of being fully booked. Let’s make the most of your investment while you have it!

What makes you passionate about what you do?

None of us can live life without some help from others. Consider all the professional services and small businesses that help us each grow and feel our best. Home interiors can play a surprising role in our well-being, too. The whole point of intentionally designing our living spaces is to improve how we use and enjoy those spaces. And not everyone knows how to do that. Or it overwhelms them. Or they don’t know where to start. But I do. It lights me up when clients tell me how much better they feel at home and how that impacts the way they show up in other parts of their lives.

What do you enjoy doing for fun?

Traveling with my husband of 20 years! From camping here in Colorado to hiking in New Zealand and Croatia to pet-sitting in homes around the world, I enjoy experiencing the different ways we can live our lives. It’s fun to move among styles and cultures. Our most recent extended trip was to the United Kingdom and Ireland last fall. We landed in London the day Queen Elizabeth II died. Experiencing that national period of mourning connected us to local people and their communities. It was an impactful part of how we experienced England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, what we learned about their centuries of storied history, and the challenges those countries navigate today.

What's a secret talent you have that few people know about?

My superpower is asking questions that get to the heart of the matter. Maybe that comes from being a first-generation American? My parents immigrated as adults from Serbia and Germany; they met on a soccer field in California! As a child, I often navigated for my family what felt new to all of us. I learned that asking questions leads to making sense of things for myself and others. My curiosity connects me with family and friends and makes newcomers feel welcome.


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